WordPress seo how to boost your website traffic instantly

If you want to succes in blogging than you know about Search Engine Optimization. You know that it is very important for your website to have good SEO. We use WordPress seo plugin to improve our results. Setting up WordPress sites is easy, properly optimizing them for SEO . WordPress is decent for SEO, But there are still scopes to be ‘excellent’. SEO is not limited to low quality link building and blatant keyword stuffing any more. In this article I’ll randomly present easy to implement, effective ways to increase the SEO of your WordPress blog/website.

wordpress seo tutorial and tips

In this wordpress tutorial i’m going to show you each step by step method to get high rank on google or other search engine so let’s get start


Domain name choose

i will suggest you find domain on which topic your are comfortable with Mostly people search a domain like www.wpxx.com  here wp is show (this domain is related to wordpress)

Best WordPress Hosting For Blog / website

In Market lot of hosting company which provide you best hosting but not all are comfortable with wordpress i also host my another website with another that is not working and this will effect on your wordpress seo so choose best hosting i reccomande bulehost and hostgator both are working great.

Change default permalinks structure


permalinks images for wordpress seo









By default  WordPress uses ?p=[post-id] permalinks for posts. This is not good for search engine and you get lose the opportunity to put important keywords in post permalinks so if you don’t switch to a text-based permalink structure. I prefer the www.domain.com/sample-post/ format, but you may choose other similar structure.


Configure your website / Blog with google webmaster tools


So Let me start with Webmaster tools as it will be first step to get your site on search engines. Submitting your website to search engines will help in better indexing and crawling of your website. it takes time for search engine to find your website and crawl it,


Now there is lot of Best WordPress Seo Plugin for your website


WordPress SEO by Yoast Plugin


yoast plugin for wordpress seo


This single plugin takes care of many aspects of your WordPress website SEO. this is the best and free plugin for wordpress but there is also a piad version for wordpress. Using Yoast you can do lot of things in your website.


  • index your all page correctly to search engine at the time of writing post
  • create social medial post at single time
  • submit xml to search engine
  • add meta tag and description to all page
  • Edit robots.txt and .htaccess file

so you can download here yoast seo plugin free here


WP Smush images Optimizing plugin

wp smush wordpress seo images plugin


High quality images can slow down your website and than slow web page is not consider by search engine so you should compress your image with different image optimizing plugin but mostly user use wp smush images plugin free of cost. it work on wordpress without losing your images quality.
now for your older images you can go to Media » WP Smush to bulk smush 50 images at a time. so you can download this plugin free of cost here


WP Super Cache Plugin for fast speed

WP Super Cache is one of the top recommended plugins by mostly user for its functionality and simplicity. where other plugin are required advanced configuration than this is not required advance configuration  first of all you need to install this plugin from here and and active this plugin now go to dashbord of your wordpress  and than Settings  than  WP Super Cache >advance 



  • Cache hits to this website for quick access. (Recommended)
  • Use Mod_rewrite to save cache files. (Recommended)
  • Compress pages so they’re served more quickly to visitors. (Recommended)
  • Cache rebuild. Serve a supercache file to anonymous users while a new file is being generated. (Recommended)
  • Mobile device support.

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