DreamHost Review: Plans, Pricing & More

When I come to Dreamhost website and check out their plan and prices list then I can’t believe it; because it give me better and secure shared web hosting with free domain and up to 30% discount offer; so I really impressed with their services and buy it; Before DreamHost review I used Bluehost for this blog and HostGator, GoDaddy for another website; Dreamhost company was founded by four guys which are Computer Science undergraduates at Harvey Mudd College, primary this company only offer shared web hosting plan to its customer but after some time it was expanded and start offering WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated hosting and more to their customer;


DreamHost Web Hosting Review: Plans, Pricing & More

Introduction to Dreamhost Company

Dreamhost was Founded in 1996; by four college student, which are computer science background; currently, this hosting company have more than 1 million websites hosted; it have three data center downtown Los Angeles, Irvine in California and Ashburn, Virginia; also Dreamhost is one of the another hosting company which is recommended by WordPress website for WordPress hosting, they provide each type of hosting solution eg: shared hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated hosting and also WordPress hosting so you can easily choose what you need,


Dreamhost hosting Plans and Pricing

  • Dreamhost Shared hosting Review

If you choose a shared hosting plan on Dreamhost then this hosting company have only one plan, which starts with $10.95/mo but you can pay as you like to, I mean this company offer you to pay as Monthly plan or 1 year plan or 3 year plan, but if you pay monthly plan then you should pay extra money for the 1 year plan also if you choose yearly plan than you pay extra money for 3 year plan but in this all the hosting plan you receive same feature and configuration; it depends on time when you want to pay them so I think another hosting company don’t offer this types of discount;


DreamHost Review: Plans, Pricing & More


With Dreamhost shared hosting plan you receive extra benefits like:-

  1. Free Domain name,
  2. Free SSL/TSL certificates
  3. Free domain privacy protection
  4. Everything unlimited means storage, bandwidth, number of domain hosting,
  5. DreamHost Control Panel
  6. PHP5 Support
  7. Full Unix Shell
  8. Rails, Python, Perl Support
  9. Free Certificates
  10. Crontab Access
  11. Canned CGI Scripts
  12. Access to Raw Log Files
  13. Full CGI Access
  14. Server Side Includes (SSI)
  15. Subversion Repository (SVN)
  16. Unlimited MySQL Databases
  17. IPv6 Support

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  • Dreamhost VPS hosting Review

A virtual private server at Dreamhost only Starting at $15/mo with 1GB RAM. they have Four plan which only starts in $ 15/ month and highest is $120/month but all of them have different Ram and storage capacity and unlimited domain, the bandwidth you receive is also unlimited; so you can check here,


DreamHost Review: Plans, Pricing & More


so now you receive free these services with VPS hosting on Dreamhost:-

  1. PHP5/Perl/Python
  2. Node.js
  3. Ruby Version Manager (RVM)
  4. Nginx
  5. XCache
  6. Secure Shell (SSH)
  7. Phusion Passenger
  8. One-Click Application Installer
  9. Crontab Access
  10. Subversion Repository (SVN)
  11. Access to Raw Log Files
  12. Unlimited MySQL Databases
  13. IPv4 and IPv6
  14. SSL/TLS Certificates with Let’s Encrypt
  15. Password Protection (.htaccess)
  16. Unlimited Email Accounts
  17. Unlimited FTP/sFTP Users


  • Dreamhost Dedicated server Review

I know Dreamhost dedicated server is extremely better for large traffic website or blog; because it provide better services from other hosting company like Bluehost, Hostgator and Godaddy you can also compare it here  also they able to provide you dedicated support; means if you have a problem with setup your server then they can do your job free of cost for you; there cost for dedicated server is $149/mo with 4 cores, 1 TB SSD storage, and 4 GB RAM but there is one point which you need to know if you pay monthly payment then they charge you  $169/mo but if you pay yearly then they charge you $149/mo with each feature;


DreamHost Review: Plans, Pricing & More


With this dedicated server you also receive following services from DreamHost:

  1. RAID 1 Storage
  2. Ubuntu Linux
  3. Full Root & Shell Access (SSH)
  4. PHP/Perl/Python/ Ruby Support
  5. 100% Network Uptime Guarantee
  6. Unlimited MySQL Databases
  7. 24×7 Tech Support & Server Monitoring
  8. 1-Click WordPress Installer
  9. DDoS Protection
  10. Unlimited Bandwidth


  • Dreamhost Cloud servers Review

This is the one of fastest Server around all web hosting company; before writing of this DreamHost review I see their server performance on one of my client websites and test it; there speed and performance is superb and you can also modify your server as per your need; they provide you all types of database and script to use as per your requirement so you don’t need to worry about what your website or blog use script to perform better; cloud hosting services start on Dreamhost only in Max $4.50/mo ($0.0075/hour) with 512 MB RAM, 80 GB SSD Disk, with free bandwidth, so you can easily test it before you decide to buy;


DreamHost Review: Plans, Pricing & More


Also, you are able to use some extra tools for your website eg:

  • Fastest Speed No One Compare to you

This server is ready for SSH in within a second, All The Process Will be Happen with the smart architecture which is based on SSD disks, fast next-gen processors, and accelerated networks.

  • Use the Developer tools which you love

This server Create automatically with OpenStack-compatible API requests via command line tools and programming libraries in many languages.

  • Get Full Root and Full Control

Virtually There are no limits in the operating system choice or software versions. DreamHost’s cloud servers can be based on Linux, BSD or even MS Windows. Major Linux distributions are already pre-loaded or bring your own.

  • A Cloud That Grows With You

If your business needs grow enough for you to justify running your own private cloud, we can help you out. All the code is open source and we publicly disclose our architecture. We will help you migrate your workloads to your own private cloud when the time comes.


  • Dreamhost WordPress Hosting Review

Dreamhost is the one of another solution for WordPress hosting; they offer you WordPress hosting solution in $16.95/mo only;  this hosting company officially recommended by WordPress website, you can check here  also they provide you lot of WordPress hosting features like unlimited email account and storage, Lot of extra themes and plugin for your website and blogs free of cost, whenever WordPress update their services and script that time Dreamhost automatically update your website without any problem, if you want to use WordPress installation with some of the eCommerce themes then Dreamhost provide you free SSL/TSL certificate with 1 free dedicated IP so that you can improve your website SEO better; unlimited bandwidth you receive with WordPress hosting and also they freely provide you Firewall for your website for better security,


DreamHost Review: Plans, Pricing & More

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Advantage of Using Dreamhost

  • ✔  Up to 97 Day’s money Back Guaranty,
  • ✔  you can host unlimited domain on the single hosting plan,
  • ✔  This is 100% uptime server,
  • ✔  This company continues to get the award from PCMag Readers’ Choice Award for best business hosting for the past 3 years.
  • ✔  you can choose payment method as per your need like monthly or quarterly, yearly,
  • ✔  if you buy any hosting plan in Dreamhost then you also receive free one domain name and their privacy from this company,
  • ✔  you can use any plugin in your account; there are no any objection for using plugins; dreamhost review,


Disadvantage of Using Dreamhost

  • ✖️  This company doesn’t support you via phone call,
  • ✖️  Control Panel is not easy,


Support System Of Dreamhost

Dreamhost provide support via instant chat or Email ticket system; you can try both but they are not able to receive your phone call; also they provide you forum support where you discuss your problem and their support, or community member help you to get solve your problem as soon as possible, on instant chat you should wait up to 10 minutes in a queue and after that there representative get connected to you and respond to your query within a minute so you don’t bore on their chat,


Ecommerce Features on Dreamhost

Dreamhost offer lot of open source eCommerce features; where you have to install script in one click, mostly Dreamhost offer Zen cart free of cost; also they offer you up to $ 100 for AdWord campaign and they track your visitor and traffic via Chartbeat, which give you accurate data to your visitors;


Security Features on Dreamhost


Dreamhost Refund Policy

Top of the hosting company does not offer you 97 Day’s money back guaranty; they only offer you 30 day or 45 days  but in Dreamhost, they provide you freely money back guaranty up to 97 day’s without any question ask, means if you want to cancel your services after 97 days then company will pay your full refund of money without any problem and you will happily cancel you account; so this is the great choice for beginners and new one who’s going to start their website and blogs, so I also recommend this hosting company all of my Readers,


Conclusion of Dreamhost review

After all, In my testing DreamHost review; I’ve found this hosting is little bit expensive as compare to other hosting company like Bluehost, Hostgator, a2 hosting but after all their services is great; they provide you their own control panel, fast and easy customer support, and finally they set up your account within a minute so you don’t feel like your money goes in garbage;



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