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i think  you know about some of the plugin and some are not so now today i’m going to show you some of the best and free wordpress plugins for you; this wordpress tutorial i’m not guranted to all of them are free but most are and some of them bug and codeing issue (at the time my website use) but now i think these all issue has been solve so before going to use these plugins you should verify and self test and then use it; so now without investing your time i’m going to show you the best and top plugins for your niche.


Best Anti-Spam wordpress Plugins

akismet wordpress plugins


when you install new wordpress than that time its install with your wordpress so you should know about there work how it’s work In wordpress One of the biggest issues with comments is spam. Whether your blog is new or running for years, you’re going to attract more than you think spam bots. There are a lot of spam blocking wordpress plugins out there, but in my opinion you won’t find one better than Akismet.It is true for some time Akismet goes up and down periods of effectiveness. This is because spam is always changing. As blocking techniques improve, spammers adapt and change their methods to get around them. When the spammers are winning, you might notice that Akismet misses a bit of spam or start being overzealous and marking legit comments as spam;

You Can Download Here
Many people will give up at the first sight of problems and switch to another anti-spam plugin because it’s more effective in the short term. The problem with this is that while these other plugins might work for a time, it’s only because they’re unpopular. As soon as a popular site implements the plugin you’re using, spammers will crack it and your site will be hit with a massive wave of spam. Aksimet on the other hand will continue to adapt and continue to be effective in the long term. I see this as the better option, but the choice is yours to make. you also find Here


Best SEO WordPress Plugin


best seo wordpress plugin



Yoast is the one of top seo plugin in market, As you know without seo your website or blog can’t find by any search engine and never get any single organic traffic; it have two type of plugin one is free for all i think most of the feature are include in this but whenever you want to more boost your website traffic than you should sure to go for preuim version in that there are lot of option to get better organic search; i’ve using this tool on my all website that are working great; it have very simple for setup any one easily setup for there website so go for this and test today on your website, click here for download.



WP Super Cache Plugin

wp super cache wordpress plugin


Whenever you talk about wordpress seo than it’s also matter about your website speed performance;  we know caching mechanisms help a lot to save server execution time and reduce the overall load time of a page; This plugin basically generates static HTML files from your dynamic WordPress blog/website and caches it instead of the WordPress PHP scripts. the setup of this plugin is very easy as compare to other and performance is very good.

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